Hello, welcome to my blog :)

Here I will be writing about my journey of learning to read tarot.

I bought my first deck around 6 months ago with an interest to learn it but it just got put away and forgot about.

I needed some extra money a few weeks ago and thought, I don’t use my tarot deck or oracle decks so I’ll sell them…put pictures up on Facebook but after a few days of no interest I thought no, I don’t want to sell them. Let’s actually learn it, properly this time!

So I got them out, and started interacting with a Facebook group I had joined back when I bought the deck. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I started talking to someone, who gives me tasks and we’ve started going through the Major Arcana.

I’ve also started listening to a few podcasts at work too which have been a great help. I have been writing notes about each card I learn to help me remember main meanings.

I will be writing future posts about each card and what I’ve learned from them. There are general meanings but a lot is about how you feel about the card and using your intuition too.

So please join me on this discovery of reading tarot.

The Art of Tarot

My first deck

My new deck ‘The Dark Mansion’ (all pictures now include this deck)

Please remember that I am very new to this, some of what I say might not be what you believe or believe in, but any information that I share is either what others have told me, either their own words, those from books or the internet or my own interpretations. Also if you have anything that may help, then please do share!

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