The Fool – 0

These posts are going to be quite short. Consisting of bullet points or such about what I’ve learned and understand about the cards.

The Fool is the first card in a Tarot Deck. In older versions it didn’t have a number but in most decks and more recent ones it is numbered as ‘0’.

He is the start of all tarot journeys (so it’s right we start mine with him!). He has a can do attitude. ‘Lets do this‘ – there’s no stopping him.

He has a sack on his shoulder which could mean he is prepared with his belongings. Some believe that the ‘stick’ that the sack is on could be a wand, which is a symbol of power. The Magician follows the fool, who also carries a wand.

The dog in the bottom of the card could symbolise someone in your life who may be holding you back. It could also be the person in questions familiar, who’s excited to go on the journey with the fool or could also be warning him.

Below are a few bullet points of interpretations I made in my notes regarding ‘The Fool’:

  • ‘0’ is the number of infinity. Potential, empty, closed
  • Embarking on a new journey, taking a risk
  • A new beginning is ahead – A need to take a leap of faith, move ahead with trust
  • Freedom, liberation
  • Trust the universe. Time to take the big, brave step
  • Don’t take life too seriously, have fun. Laid bag approach
  • Don’t worry about what others think

So that concludes The Fool.

I will update any posts when and if I learn anything new.

Speak soon guys!

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