The Magician – 1

This guy has everything he needs! Cups, Pentacles, wands and swords.
He has everything under control, his words, actions, wealth and love life (which is what the suits stand for).

Notice the flowers at the bottom (of the RW deck)?
-If you get your senses in order, everything in the garden is rosy-

However in a spread this card means something different.
His purpose is to trick you – He has a good tongue (will say the right things), will say anything he needs to.

It could be warning you of scammers or offers that are too good to be true.
He’s a smooth talker, very plausible but be wary.

At the time of writing this I’m waiting on a brand new deck :D
I will post about it when it turns up. I can’t wait! It looks amazing :)

Speak to you soon guys!

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