Handy Resources

When we first start learning something new, we always search for material to learn from. Now we have the internet its even easier than going down the library and searching through tons of books! Here I’ve made a small list of some sites and resources you might find helpful if you are new to Tarot and want to find out more.

Biddy Tarot

I’ve found a lot of useful information on this site. They have courses, books and very helpful print out guides for the key words of each individual card . After scrolling through their website I believe the only way to get their print-outs are to listen to their podcasts, and they give you the link while listening. I found it! Just put your details in and they send you the PDF :)

I’m working my way through each podcast. If I come across any more helpful print-outs, I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

I also got print-outs of ‘My Never-Fail 3 card spreads’ . These are great when you are just starting out. When I first saw all of the different spreads it scared me at first! Using 5+, 10+ cards…how do you read all of them! But with this it makes it so much less daunting. I found this on the podcast but the link is at the bottom of the print-out :) www.biddytarot.com/10. (The ‘8’ stands for which podcast it was from if you wish to learn more about 3 card spreads).

The final print out I have got from these guys is ‘7 Steps to an Accurate & Insightful Tarot Reading‘. It gives information on how to create the space, the question, what spread to use, shuffling, reading the cards and answering the question to asking for feedback. This is great to give you confidence and know the sort of things you need to do and think about. This was episode 10 of the podcast.

Here’s the link to the page on their website to listen to the podcasts. You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. I have found these very helpful so far.
You can check out their blog posts here. They have some great posts that I’m sure will help you a lot! Including this one on ‘The best Tarot Decks and Resources for Beginners


I’ve been listening to podcasts in my spare time and at work. Including The Biddy Tarot, I have also found The Tarot Lady and Wildly Tarot.

The Tarot Lady has a series called ‘Tarot Bites‘ which are short (5-10mins each) podcasts on everything Tarot related, including the cards, help with questions and different spreads. These are great because they are small but full of great information.
You can listen to her on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher but also straight from her website.

Wildly Tarot is also a great podcast that I like to listen to. There are a few girls who run it, and I enjoy listening to them. They started doing a series called ‘Tarot Wildly‘ which talks about each card and typical means plus what they get from the cards. Again this is great when you are learning the meanings of each card.

There are many other podcasts out there, so have a look around, I still have some that I want to try out, see what they are like.

Cheat Sheet

I also have a simple cheat sheet for each card including Minor Arcana cards. I can email this out if you wish to take a look :)

I hope you have found this as helpful as I did! Let me know how you get on and if you find any other sites that have helped you.
Happy Reading!

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