The Empress – 3

The Empress is very much a mother figure, just like The Emperor is the father figure. She is the mother card. She signifies all things feminine:

  • fertility
  • pregnancy
  • loving
  • giving
  • nurturing

There are so many positives for The Empress. She promotes good health, embrace your femininity. She has a beautiful heart and mind and cares for herself.

She reminds you to look after yourself – Go and have a spa day, manicure, nice walk along the beach, what ever you do to relax and take time out for yourself. Love yourself.

The number ‘3’ represents creativity. So maybe you have a new plan or idea…get creative with it!

She has pure emotion and protects and cares for the ones she loves. There’s abundance and growth surrounding her, but she just ‘goes with the flow’.

I feel so much positivity from this card so I’m sure I’ll be pleased to see it in readings!

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