The Emperor – 4

Now this guy looks like he knows whats going on. He’s in charge, the boss, rules over everyone. What he says goes.
He is very much the authority figure and makes the big decisions. You wouldn’t want to break the rules with him about would you!

I think he looks a lot like a business man. If he had a job he might be someone at the top of a company, CEO or owner maybe. Or he could be in law enforcement or the army.
The kind of person who would deal with you if you stepped out of line.

This guy means business. His beard represents maturity and father figure.

If this card came up it might mean you could be taking on a parental role. Not necessarily becoming a dad, but maybe getting a new job where you have to supervise people?
The number 4 is the number of stability. So it could be getting a new job which is secure and stable.

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