The Hierophant – 5

Well this card looks very religious! He is a form of priest, he’s wearing priestly robes. Quite possibly the highest rank.

This guy loves establishment and encourages people to connect with tradition. In the RSW deck he is the Greek pope and he holds the keys to heaven.

This card could symbolise marriage, arranged relationships, baptisms or christenings, anything to do with the church really!

He could teach scripture or just be a wise old guy trying to keep you ‘right’.

To be the Hierophant you need to teach the recognised set of principles.
To follow, you have to listen to what he is teaching you and grasp the structure.

Some key words and phrases for The Hierophant are:

  • Conforming
  • Holding back
  • Teaching
  • Traditional rules
  • Ceremony
  • Peer pressure
  • Fitting in with the status quo
  • Knowing how to act appropriately

I really hope you are enjoying these short but hopefully helpful posts. I’m learning so much each day with a big help from a friend :)

Until tomorrow!

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