The Wheel of Fortune – 10

The Wheel of Fortune is like a ride we are always on. It is always turning.

When you feel down on your luck, you would be at the bottom of the wheel. If you tell someone that, they’ll normally always say to you ‘well the only way is up!’ That’s because the wheel is always turning That bad luck won’t last for long.

Pulling this card for yourself could mean that the wheel is turning in your direction. You could have a nice surprise on it’s way, have a great day with no hassle or just be in for a bit of luck.

If you are ask the cards regarding your health and you get The Wheel of Fortune, it might mean you will have a good recovery.

Although there are a lot of positives, it could be that you’re ‘riding high’ having all the best luck, nothing seems to be getting you down…well your good luck may run out soon as the wheel turns.

It could also mean that you need to change the course of your life. Ever experienced a moment when you felt like your path had been altered? That’s The Wheel of Fortune in play!

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