The Dark Mansion Deck

I was soooo excited to get this deck! My 2nd ever deck but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
It comes from a Polish company called Taroteca Studio.

I was worried about the length I was going to have to wait as others had to wait nearly 6 weeks or even longer. I was very lucky to receive mine in 10 days.
I waited to open it until I was home, just for you guys so I could take pictures and videos of the opening.

It came in a nice sturdy box with their label on (which you can see above). Inside there were polystyrene bits and the deck itself was wrapped in bubble wrap.

Once I got it out of the bubble wrap there was a plastic covering. It was well protected from the transport it had to go through! The cards themselves had a small plastic band holding them together (see above picture).

As i videoed the opening I was grinning from ear to ear! I loved it instantly. Everything about it. And I still do.

The backs
The Fool

Here you can see the backs of the cards and the first card in the deck ‘The Fool’. Each card is so beautiful. The colours are amazing, the feel of each card, and I love the fact the edges are black (you can see properly in the videos).

Below are the videos I took while un-boxing. (I’m sorry for the bad camera work. I had no tripod so was doing everything one handed on my phone which proved very difficult).

After the videos I smudged the deck and myself to clear an negative energy before I started to use them.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching. If you didn’t see in one of my other posts, I will be changing the images in my currently published card posts to use the cards from this deck and I don’t feel at all connected with my old deck now.

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