The Hanged Man -12

Your first thought may be ‘bad things’ but every card can have good and bad meanings. I initially thought that its a bad card, it’s a man hanging from a tree!

But take a closer look…he looks at peace doesn’t he? He’s not in pain, almost like he’s just relaxing. Maybe he’s waiting for things to change?

He could be putting himself on hold, ‘hanging’ about because you know your time will come.

If you turn the card over (just to look at the illustration), be is in the yoga position for a tree. The way his legs are positioned makes the number ‘4’. This could indicate the 4 elements or maybe a crossroad. 4 is connected to the Emperor (discipline), maybe some sort of discipline is needed, spiritual, mediation etc.

His hands are hidden, could mean that something is hidden, something you are not seeing.

Here’s some bullet points for The Hanged Man:

  • Birth or rebirth (The halo of leaves around him)
  • Trust and surrender to circumstances
  • Accepting a situation
  • Maybe inner work needs to be done
  • What are you willing to release and let go off?
  • Different way of looking at things
  • Wait, be patient

That’s all for The Hanged Man, check back for new cards as and when I learn them!

See you soon :)

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