The Tower – 16

A very dramatic looking card isn’t it! When I first saw this I couldn’t see anything but negative. But look closer…

So the negatives, lets get them out the way first.
Your life has been turned upside down without warning. It’s a big shock, you weren’t expecting it. This could be a really ‘shitty’ day (for a use of better words) if drawn as a daily card or a major upheaval if drawn in a big spread.

But look, although the house/tower is falling, the foundations are still there, standing and looking strong. So even tho you’ve had a bad day, you will learn from it. It will make you a better person.

So you got this in a relationship spread…Your world has come crushing down – but the foundations are still there. You need to realise you have the skills to build your next relationship stronger and be alert to any crumbling. Not so bad really is it?

Life or carer spread? The base is solid – Life can knock you down but with solid foundations and this experience you can build up stronger and better.

The lightening can mean a major revelation or wake up call. The truth hits you right in the face. This could be a sudden shock to the system.
Just remember ‘What ever crumbles can be replaced’

I really enjoyed learning about this card and I really ‘got it’.

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