The Sun – 19

This is such a positive looking card!

Who doesn’t like the sun? It makes everyone happy.
When ever you start your day and the sun is shining, how do you feel? Happy? Radiant? Confident? Positive? I know I do! It’s almost like you don’t have a care in the world, nothing can make your day go bad.

The sun can make everything clear to see. It gives you a clear, bright mind.
Imagine walking down a small alleyway or maybe a graveyard…in the sunlight it doesn’t look scary. You can see where you are going right!? Everything is so clear.


A simple dog bark in the sunlight feels like a howl from a wolf at night.

So if I was to pull this card I see a lot of positive. If you are struggling to make sense of an idea – the sun will cast light on it. You’ll be able to see the way forward.

That’s all for The Sun. Coming up in the next post will be The Moon…ties in very well with the sun. See you soon guys!

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