First readings with The Dark Mansion Tarot Deck

So now I have officially learned the major arcana I offered my first lot of free readings in exchange for feedback in a group I’m in on Facebook …. talk about nerve racking!

I was so scared I’d ‘do it wrong’ or not be able to read the cards. But the feedback I got was great! It really lifted my spirits to be told that my reading was “on point”, “excellent” and that “I have a gift”.

I have only done 3 so far but another 7 are lined up which I will do either in the week (if I have time and energy after work) or next weekend.

I pulled 2 major only cards to do these readings. And of course the cat had to get involved 😂

Here are the cards I drew for each situation. I’d be interested to see how you interpret these cards so please let me know in the comments!

New job, house or finances
Job proposition from a friend
Job and Finances

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