The World – 21

This is where our journey ends with the major arcana.

You have taken on board all of the learning, intuition and knowledge from all the other cards and characters you have met.
The world is quite literally at your feet.

This card is telling you to reward yourself for your hard work and effort. It’s a time for celebration of yourself and others. The world is your oyster. You have accomplished what you set out to achieve.

Some keywords:

  • Completion
  • Fulfilment
  • Freedom
  • Cosmic love
  • Freedom from fear

So that is it! All of the major arcana! I really hope you enjoyed following me as I learned each card and maybe you found it helpful too.

Next I will be going through each suit. Maybe with a brief overview of each suit to start but then a very brief look at each individual card. Courts will be done at the end.
I will keep them short as I don’t want to bore everyone with really long posts.

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