Ace of Wands

So we start the Minor Arcana with the Wands.
Each suit runs from Ace-10 and then 4 court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King.
I will be doing a very very brief look at Ace to 10 for each suit then going back to the court cards at the end.

All Aces represent new beginnings, opportunity and vitality (which you can see as to why each card will be brief as they will all have similar meanings, just for different circumstances.

Wands can be called different things depending on different decks. They can also be known as Staffs, Clubs, Sceptres, Rods and Batons).

The Wands as a suit represents ambition, ideas, drive, will etc.

So putting all of that together the Ace of Wands means there’s a big start or new beginning ahead. No more dithering about, tweaking or holding back, get out there a do it! Here is your sign,
There may be a hill to climb or little knock backs but stick with it. Take your time and you will get there.

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