Witch Casket Feb 2019 – What’s Inside

Witch Casket is a vegan-friendly magickal monthly subscription box based in the UK (you know I love that!).

I found it on one of the Facebook groups I’m in from a link of loads of different types of witchy subscription boxes. I um and r’d about getting it as it’s £27 (with free postage worldwide!) as I don’t have a lot of spare cash but I brought one (we all need to treat ourselves right!?). I said to myself, if I don’t like it I’ll just cancel it….well that’s not happening any time soon!

They shipped all the parcels on the 15th Feb. Delivery time is around 2-3 days, but thanks to Royal Mail they didn’t process them until the 18th so receiving it was a day or two behind what it should be and I get so impatient haha!

Well this morning 20th Feb it turned up! I was so excited.

And just look at this beautiful box it comes in!

As you can see by the claw marks Millie couldn’t wait to get in it either!

It was packaged really well with the ‘peanut’ things inside, and you could smell the contents before I opened up the box. It was such a nice smell.

This is what it looked like when I opened it (minus the white bag being underneath the leaflets as I nearly forgot to take a picture because Millie kept getting in the way!

The leaflet has like a little intro and on the reverse a list of the products in the box along with social media accounts for some of the people who make some of the items.

It was really nice to have a little ‘hello’ from the ladies that put the box together, who are mother and daughter I believe. Also to have a list of everything included is great too!

So to the really exciting bit! The contents!

There were two illustrations on card. Really lovely! Think I’m going to stick them above my altar for now.

A die cut sticker which is gorgeous. That will be going on the front my journey I think.

A cute moon and crystal pin which might go on one of my bags for my crystals (it seems fitting! Keep the moon energy with them).

In the little white bag was a travel crystal grid with some small stones with it. I’ve already set it up. It’s perfect for the space I have right now.

There are ritual candles in the pot with the corked top. I love that idea and will use it to store candles in once I’ve used those ones.

In the two silver/grey bags there is a loose tea. I’ve never had loose tea before so I can’t wait to try it! And in the other is red clover flower. Now I’ve never used anything like this before. On the packet it says to sprinkle around your house or use as a floor wash to remove negative sprits and bad vibes but if you guys have any other ideas please let me know!

Then there’s an Opalite crystal with info card. I’ve been feeling really drawn to this crystal for a while but haven’t got round to getting one so I’m very please with this!

There was a scroll with a manifest meditation guide. It’s gorgeous and fitted well with the music from my boyfriends game that he was playing at the time! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of this due to it being so curly.

And last but not least I got an oil burner with essential oils! If you know me, I love candles and any accessories that go with them. It’s beautiful! The essential oil was an orange scent which is gorgeous! Not the kind of thing I normally go for but it’s such a lovely smell to have throughout the house. I did use the burner before I took a picture so the picture I have is it burning the orange oil on my altar.

Pin, Opalite and sticker
Travel grid bag
Red clover flowers, ritual candles and wellness tea
Manifestation meditation scroll
Travel crystal grid (small stones were include)
Oil burner
Essential oil

It’s safe to say I’ll be getting this for quite a while to come that’s for sure! I already can’t wait for next months. How am I going to cope for a whole month!? It’s going to be the longest month ever!

They do have an online shop with items from previous ‘caskets’ which they have left over stock from but you do have to have an active subscription with them to be able to access the shop and all items listed are gone once they are sold out. A lot of the products are made just for them so once they are gone, they are gone! You get a password for the site once your casket has been shipped. A different password is given each month.

Well thanks to the online shop I’ve been able to buy a few items from past caskets. Like I mentioned above, I’ve never had loose tea and they had a tea strainer before so I had to get one of those! I got a few other bits but I’ll leave that as a surprise! I have my eye on a few more items on there so hopefully they don’t go out of stock before I can afford to get them.

Here are a list of their website and social media. Go check them out! They are truly lovely people.


About The Box

You can order the casket worldwide. I’ve listed the prices for you guys below.

UK (excluding Channel Islands) – £27 per month

Europe (& Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands) – £33 per month

Rest of the world – £35 per month

All have free postage.

Minimum £45 value and they include ‘Casket only’ items, made just for them every month and contain other items such as:

Altar wear

Can’t wait to show you next months casket!

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