Extra items from the Witch Casket

As I may have mentioned in the review of the Witch Casket subscription box, I needed a tea strainer to be able to use the tea that came with this months box.

Well thanks to their online shop (when you’re signed up) I managed to get one from a past Casket!

But I may have also brought other stuff too 🙈 Here’s what I got.

So I got the tea strainer, calendar, two stickers to use on/in my journal and jade crystal with info card.

I also received a free witch Casket pin which looks really cool! And some free tea!

I love the calendar as it has the moon phases on it so I can keep track of that. I tried the tea at the weekend and it’s amazing! I hope I get more in future caskets! The stickers will make my journal look a bit more interesting and less boring too.

Delivery was really quick which is great. Nicely packaged and discreet if that’s something you need too.

I feel like this site could be very bad for my bank balance!

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