Ten of Swords

Most of the ’10’s’ so far have been quite pleasant. This one not so much, although it does speak about a new dawn (see the sun rising?)

We all know the feeling when someone talks about us behind our backs. The ‘stabbing you in the back’ feeling. This card could mean that this is happening. Maybe to you, or you’re doing it to someone else without really realising it. Or you do know you’re doing it and it’s a sign that you’re really hurting that person.

Each time it happens it brings you or the other person down just a bit more.

These swords are carefully positioned to ensure maximum harm. It’s not random which might insinuate it’s been done without intent. People can only take so much of this.

Rise to it and call them out about it!

You might be feeling like life is against you and you’re playing the victim.

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